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Gathering hidden dreams, summoning memories, seizing them from oblivion, painting reality with the colours of imagination and turning it into a dream – that’s the work of “Sanjaj” (“Dream”). This workshop creates pieces of furniture and by painting images from dreams, breathes soul into the wood and gives it a new life. The warmth, originality, and colors of the exhibits born in this studio stand out in the drab of everyday life, making the space around them cheerful and unique.

Enriched by magical colors, objects from the “Sanjaj” workshop awake memories of warm homes, stir the imagination and turn every child’s room into a fairy tale. Each piece tells its own story and colors the space in which we live with joy and happiness. In front of our eyes balloons fly, boats sail, flowers smell, while in dark deep corners of wardrobes stars dream and keep our dearest secrets.

It’s as if “Sanjaj” furniture can speak to us.
This workshop takes out items forgotten long ago and gives them such unexpected roles that we are caught by surprise by these new connections. That is how art is born in workshop “Sanjaj”. Manuscripts written a long time ago and old painting templates are revived, reconciling forgotten art forms and futuristic lines, not allowing true values to become transient.

Just like in a dream.
Technique and drawings are precisely woven into exquisite motifs and masterfully painted with accents and tones of default colors. Being perfectly designed and patiently painted, the furniture surprises you not only with its color, but also with its composition.
Like the filigree, respecting the laws of proportion, magnifying and minimizing creates a whole new form, representing each copy as unique, carrying its own individuality, harmony and style, that at any moment can grow into what we call industrial design. The energy that one puts into what one creates – makes it special…. Energy which radiates from this furniture will certainly make you happy and peaceful!